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Opinion: Only self-exiled opposition needs civil confrontation in Belarus

MINSK, 1 October (BelTA) – Civil confrontation in Belarus is necessary only for the self-exiled opposition, political commentator Igor Tur said in an interview with ONT TV channel as he commented on the recent killing of a KGB officer in Minsk, BelTA has learned.

“Nobody needs this open confrontation. Nobody needs it in Belarus. One can have any political views and have different attitudes towards various political and media figures, officials. But these conflicts are the last thing we need. Only those people who are abroad and do not take part in these conflicts, but try to profit from what is going on inside the country need it,” Igor Tur believes.

According to the journalist, the likelihood of open clashes of Belarusians with different views will remain for some time. But such conflicts will not be repeated in the future, the political observer believes.

Several speeches of leaders and active members of the opposition, who are now outside Belarus, were shown during the interview. Responding to the murder of the KGB officer, they all called for escalation of the conflict in the country and the use of force against people who support the Belarusian state. “This is business. Each of these people does not live in Belarus. The problems in Belarus will not affect them in any way. What they are calling for is either the beginning or the the continuation of the civil war. A civil war is death and pain. This is the ultimate probability of the state’s collapse. This do not effect them at all,” said Igor Tur.


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