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Lukashenko wants patriotic professionals working in government agencies

MINSK, 1 October (BelTA) – Personnel purity is the top priority. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he met with top officials of the Belarus President Administration on 1 October, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “As for personnel work, it applies not only to the Belarus President Administration. The entire leadership of the country is involved in it. Without this purity and without order in our heads at the top we cannot demand this order from the society. Professionals with solid state views, patriots should work in government agencies.” The head of state gave instructions to make the relevant personnel decisions by the end of the year.

“I shouldn’t remind you about it. But I sometimes have to because candidates for various positions are not thoroughly vetted at times. We have to replace them in the end and leave the vacancies open for an inexcusably long period of time. I would like to learn how work with reserve personnel proceeds,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He remarked that there are many sensible highly professional people in Belarus – colonels and even generals, who retire at the age of 50-55. “They should be employed. And they will be glad to work in civil bodies as some investigations at my level have demonstrated. These are good organizers, patriots, dedicated people. They are disciplined. I am not saying all of them. But there are plenty of such people,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state sees a great personnel reserve in the regions, too: “Don’t forget about them. It is there that executives, who go through all the steps of the career ladder, are formed.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that visits to the regions allow getting information concerning all the areas of work of the Belarus President Administration. “By talking to the population over there, you see the society’s mood. You see how the work of local executives affects them. And it is one of the components that form the personnel reserve,” the president is convinced.


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