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Belarus’ main development goal in 2021-2025 is to ensure social stability and increase the well-being of citizens by means of ensuring qualitative economic growth, building up social capital, creating comfortable conditions for life, work and self-fulfillment.

The key tasks are to reduce the dependence of economic growth on hydrocarbons, to increase export potential with the help of high-tech goods, to launch a new investment cycle.

The program is expected to yield the following main results:

– GDP growth in real terms in 2025 – at least 1.2 times increasing life expectancy to 76.5 years;

– capital investment growth by more than 1.2 times;

– increase in the export of goods and services – over $50 billion in 2025;

– increase in the real disposable income of people by 1.2 times, including an increase in pensions above the inflation rate;

– increase in industrial productivity by 1.3 times.

To achieve these goals, the country’s development will be based on key priorities:

happy family

strong regions

smart country

state as a partner.

* Hereinafter – as from 2020

Source: Draft social and economic development program of the Republic of Belarus for 2021-2025


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