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The 31st international specialized expo Belagro 2021 is scheduled for 1-5 June.

The venue: the exhibition center of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone (29 Pekinsky Avenue, Smolevichi District, Minsk Oblast).

On display:

over 200 units of hardware.


410 companies from 16 countries

(Belarus, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Lithuania, China, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, Denmark, Czechia, Jordan).

The exhibitions Belfarm, Belproduct, and Prodmash.Holod.Upak will take place during the Belarusian Agro Industrial Week.

The countrywide tasting completion Champion of Taste, contests for the best pedigree cows and horses, the Best Ploughman contest, an exhibition of farm animals, demonstrations of vehicles and machines, and other events will be held as part of the expo.

The international specialized expo Belagro has been held since 1990.

Source: Agriculture and Food Ministry, ZAO MinskExpo.


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