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Andreichenko: Hybrid attack on Belarus is taking on new forms

Vladimir Andreichenko. An archive photo

MINSK, 30 September (BelTA) – The hybrid attack on Belarus is taking on new and more sophisticated forms, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Vladimir Andreichenko said at a meeting of the Council of the House of Representatives, BelTA has learned.

“The sixth session of the House of Representatives is due on Monday. Its agenda features serious tasks facing all government bodies, including the parliament. The session will be held amidst a difficult time. The hybrid attack on Belarus is taking on new and more sophisticated forms. Under the guise of hypocritical slogans about democracy, the West is building up political, economic, military and media pressure on our country,” Vladimir Andreichenko said.

According to him, demonstrating complete disregard for international law, they accuse Belarus of the migration crisis and launch new rounds of sanctions on far-fetched grounds. The calculation is simple – to economically strangle the country, provoke social discontent and against this background to make a new attempt to overthrow the government.

“With this in mind, extremist and terrorist activities of various kinds of opposition groups are encouraged. The recent high-profile murder of the KGB officer is direct evidence of the opposition’s determination to undermine civil peace and public security. Therefore, the task of parliamentarians is to take all the necessary measures to effectively respond to the challenges facing the Belarusian state, to address responsibly, promptly and professionally the tasks to maintain a socially oriented political course. Our goals are clear and understandable to the Belarusian society. These are independence, unity and economic growth. Our work will be centered around these goals,” the speaker noted.


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