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Lukashenko urges price-to-income balance

MINSK, 22 October (BelTA) – Price and income growth should be correlated, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with senior officials of the Council of Ministers, BelTA has learned.

«A price-to-income ratio is a very important topic which people raise. People don’t care how high prices in supermarkets are if they have enough money in their pockets to buy goods at these prices. This ratio and this balance must be maintained at all costs,» the head of state emphasized.

He suggested raising the awareness of people about the correlation of prices for goods and services with the financial status of enterprises, on which, in turn, the prosperity of their workers depends. «The rise in prices for some goods means the well-being of those workers that produce these goods,» the Belarusian leader noted.

«If the price for a tractor rises, then the tractor plant and its workers receive more money. But farmers do not care about the well being of a tractor plant and its workers. They are always complaining about growing prices for tractors. Or let’s take another topic of the day – rising prices for food. Urban dwellers do not rejoice rising prices for potatoes or other products and thus additional earnings for farmers or collective farms. Citizens are not interested in this, and people do not think like that,” the president explained. “We need to explain this to people.»


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