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Lukashenko dubs West’s policy as brainless, warns against aggression

MINSK, 4 October (BelTA) – Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko criticized the collective West for the inconsistency and stupidity of their policy towards Belarus in an interview with CNN, BelTA has learned.

The president was asked a question about the Russian military bases in Belarus and whether the country will turn into a western outpost of Russia.

“If you are so afraid that Belarus could turn into a Western outpost for Russia, why pursue this stupid, brainless policy? Why are you turning us into Russia’s outpost? That’s first,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He noted that in fact Belarus has long been an outpost of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. “At this Western front, we have effectively one army, one armed force manned by the Belarusian army. In the event of a conflict, and we make no secret of it, the entire western segment of the Russian armed forces will support us. I’m not threatening you. I’m just reminding you of something we keep talking about.”

“So to say that there will be this outpost sometime in the future is pointless. If necessary, this outpost can be set up within a month, if there is a threat,” the head of state noted.

“As for bases, you surprise me. Don’t you or doesn’t NATO know what foreign bases there are here? We don’t have a single foreign base including Russians, except for two, you could almost say civilian bases,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “These are the legacy of the Soviet era. They were built under the Soviet Union, one for early warning of nuclear missiles coming over from your side, and the other base is a communications base for the Russian armed forces to communicate with their Atlantic fleet. That’s all the bases. There are about 30-40 people serving there in total, and they’re all our people. There are only two-three Russian officers, the rest are our servicemen.”

“But the main thing for your viewers’ benefit, Matthew, and I’m not afraid to say this, if we need to, Belarus will turn into one military base for Russia and Belarus in order to withstand your aggression, if you decide, or if any one country decides to attack. And you should be clear on this,” the head of state noted.


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