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Belarusian border service concerned about low throughput of foreign border crossings

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MINSK, 7 October (BelTA) – Over the last 24 hours only one out of ten border crossings on the other side of the Belarusian border with the European Union processed the number of trucks the sides had agreed on, the State Border Committee of Belarus told BelTA.

Databases of the customs service had to be updated from 12:00 till 20:00 on 6 October. This factor also contributed to the congestion of trucks at the border.

According to the source, about 1,600 semi-trailer trucks are waiting to leave Belarus right now.

Bilateral agreements specify how many trucks a border checkpoint is supposed to let through over a certain period of time. The lowest percentage of 31.8% was registered at the Lithuanian border checkpoint Medininkai (Kamenny Log on the Belarusian side) while the highest percentage of 102.4% was registered at the Lithuanian border checkpoint Tverecius (Vidzy on the Belarusian side).


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